Driscoll email called for psy-ops war to manipulate media

EDITOR’S NOTE: The emails quoted in this article were not altered in any manner and any portions of them quoted were done without editing for content, spelling or grammar.

By Jerry Jordan — DAYTONA BEACH – As three-time NASCAR Champion, Tony Stewart, coped last year with the most tragic accident ever to happen to him, Patricia Driscoll, the woman now accusing ex-boyfriend and NASCAR driver, Kurt Busch, of domestic abuse, boasted her training in psychological warfare was needed to help Stewart’s public relations team manipulate and control the media, according to an email obtained by Kickin’ the Tires.

“I am writing you because what little you know about me you may not know that I have a background in Psychological Operations,” Driscoll wrote, in an email dated Aug. 12, 2014. “Part of my training and skill set is to break down large issues and be able to convince large and small groups of people to do what you want. I’ve worked in countries all over the world waging not only physical wars but mental wars, and I’ve helped get a lot of Congressman save their jobs when they did some stupid and not so legal things.”

Although numerous people, including Busch, have claimed Driscoll told them she was a “trained assassin,” and killed Mexican drug dealers during her trips back home to El Paso, this is the first time she has admitted something along those lines in the dozen, or so, emails obtained by Kickin’ the Tires.
Driscoll heads the Armed Force Foundation, which works with soldiers to overcome PTSD and return to normal life after their return from combat. She is also the founder of Frontline Defense Systems, a multi-million dollar defense contractor that provides ground sensor technology to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for monitoring movement along the U.S. border with Mexico.

Driscoll and Busch are currently waiting on a ruling from Kent County (Del.) Family Court Commissioner David Jones, on whether or not a protective order is needed to keep the two separated, as well as, whether the Dover Attorney General will seek criminal charges for an incident that occurred inside his motorcoach during the fall race at Dover International Speedway. She claims Busch grabbed her around the neck and slammed her head against the wall after ignoring his repeated request for her to leave because she had let herself in using a code she learned during their relationship, which he ended a week before. In court testimony, she said she ran to a motorcoach used by a Motor Racing Outreach pastor and his family but the pastor said neither he, nor his wife, saw any marks on Driscoll. Six weeks later, Driscoll drove to Dover from the Baltimore area to report the alleged assault to Dover police – using the time between the supposed incident and reporting it to try and obtain money from Busch, court testimony revealed.

Jones’ decision, which was expected just over a week ago, was delayed after attorneys requested more time to file their closing briefs following four days of court testimony. The ruling should come this week, as NASCAR officially kicks off its season at Daytona International Speedway.

As for the email, it reads like a playbook of how she tried to use the media in her efforts to obtain that protective order; and it’s the first time in her own words – at least partially – that Driscoll admits to working for the government in some covert capacity.

“Between NYC & DC the people I know and work with have saved the reputations of a lot of high profile people from DUI’s, sex scandals, DUI that lead to an accident where someone was killed, corruption, drugs, prostitution, etc.,” Driscoll’s email continues. “This isn’t the time for just in house PR, this is the time for a good 10-15 different heads with different backgrounds putting together a war strategy. This monster is out of control and you only have a short time to steer this ship back around.”
The email was sent in response to the death of Kevin Ward, who was struck and killed by Stewart’s winged sprint car, when he ran down the track after spinning out during the race Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York. Ward, who was later found to be under the influence of marijuana, was angry after he and Stewart got together during the race and climbed from his car to confront Stewart as he drove by on a live track. The case was investigated by the local district attorney and Stewart was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Driscoll; however, believed she could use her skills and wanted to be brought on-board with Stewart’s public relations team to manipulate the media and turn stories in his favor. She also suggested in the email to bring out some of NASCAR’s highest profile names, like Roger Penske, “to speak out about the dangers of people walking down the track.” She claimed the idea came to her from Penske, himself.

“Go on the offensive like your life depends on it,” she continued. “Nothing gets better until you fight back. You must campaign for your life. Leverage all of your assets, it’s time to cash in all of your chips.”
She even suggested the PR team dig up a tragic accident from years past involving Richard Petty, where a young boy was killed at a drag race.

“If Tony goes to Michigan then the King (Richard Petty) needs to be seen stopping by his trailer by the media,” Driscoll’s email continues. “The media needs to be reminded of the 8 year old boy he accidentally killed while drag racing in 1965. The King has been kept alive financially by NASCAR and a lot of the owners. He should be pressured to be the face of this to help everyone out. All he has to do is talk about how devastating this even has been to him and that it haunts him to this day – get emotional and walk off. We need the sympathy factor here for what Tony is going through. If we could get Petty out there before the funeral Thursday that would be best.”

It is worth noting that Stewart’s PR team did not do the things Driscoll suggested and instead, let the investigation play out. They answered what questions they could from the media and allowed Stewart and the Ward family to grieve. Stewart dealt with the tragedy surrounded by his closest friends and family and assisted the district attorney in anything he needed during the investigation.

In the closing remarks of her email, Driscoll continues discussing her strategy to twist the media’s coverage. She pressed forward, giving a timeline to “start drowning the media before the (Ward) funeral” because “a crying mom will be the front page of every paper and TV show if we wait and do nothing.”

Driscoll also took a shot at one of the travelling NASCAR media members stating, “We need to take control of it and not let the Jeff Gluck’s of the world go on the Dan Patrick show.” Gluck is a hard-nosed reporter, who covers NASCAR for USA Today and one of the leading motorsports journalists in the garage.

Driscoll was asked on multiple occasions for comments on this email and the statements it contained. As had been the case since Kickin’ the Tires first began looking into Driscoll’s past and following the court case, she has insinuated that she was taking legal action and would let “her attorneys handle it.”

“You are a big part of the reason women don’t want to come forward,” Driscoll wrote, in the closing paragraph of her most recent correspondence with Kickin’ the Tires. “You try to ruin good people and further victimize the victims. You call yourself a journalist but a real journalist would look at the situation objectively and write the whole story. You’re no better than TMZ, but actually you’re worse. I’d love to put your life under the worlds microscope and dig up the dirt and cut it up out of context and print it to make you look as bad as possible- only focusing on the bad. I’m going to let my lawyers handle it from here.”

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