Logano dumped Kenseth because he’s scared

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By Jerry Jordan — Kansas City, Ka. – The reason Joey Logano dumped Matt Kenseth in the closing laps at Kansas Speedway is simple: he’s scared.

The battle between Logan and Kenseth began several laps before but with five laps to go in the Hollywood Casio 400 proves Logano put one of the toughest drivers this season into the wall. His fear of what the Toyota driver’s capabilities in the final races of #TheChase cemented the decision to all but ensure they won’t battle one other in the final race at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Whether you agree with that assessment or not, it’s no secret Kenseth is a powerhouse driver and can put together a string of wins. Taking him out of the equation is part of what makes #TheChase so intriguing because like it, or not, what happened Sunday is part of an overall strategy to win the title.

Do I agree with crashing (spinning) another driver to win? Not really. It would have been much better to have the two of the battle it out side-by-side on the final lap than to see Kenseth, or any driver, spinning off someone else’s bumper.

Yes, Logano was fast but was he fast enough to get around Kenseth without slamming into him and lifting his rear wheels off the track? To hear Logano tell the story, the answer is, “yes.” So, why did he do it? There were five laps left and if he was really the fastest car then wouldn’t that have played out with him in the lead?

Of course, critics of #TheChase will say there was too much aero push for Logano to get around Kenseth and the racecars are horrible or give some other excuse why the racing is terrible. And, just like I have pointed out in the past, in my opinion, they would be wrong.

Logano is a good driver but he isn’t as good as Kenseth, who just happens to be a former Sprint Cup Series Champion. Oh yeah, he was a champion under the old, old, set of NASCAR rules that so many people claim to adore. Yet, when Kenseth won the title with only one win in 2003, so many people complained about it that NASCAR invented #TheChase.

This was very likely the year that Kenseth could have brought home his second Sprint Cup Series Championship but Logano’s antics have made that a difficult, if not, impossible task. So, next week at Talladega, if Kenseth doesn’t win the race to advance to the next round of #TheChase, it’s a good bet Logano will be spinning off someone’s bumper before the final race of the season.

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