Clint Bowyer doesn’t plan to be miserable for long

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By Jerry Jordan — FORT WORTH – It’s no secret that Clint Bowyer’s one-off season at HScott Motorsports has been less than stellar but even though he knows what lies ahead of him, he isn’t sitting back and letting the bad times go by – he and the team are trying to improve.

“I’m pretty miserable right now and I don’t aim to be that way for a year,” Bowyer told Kickin’ the Tires and Thursday night. “Here’s the thing, in the situation you’re in, yes, you want to rip the leather off the steering wheel and get mad and everything else but it doesn’t do any good. And you know these guys are working their asses off to get you to where you are even at. It’s just they don’t have the tools that these other teams have.”

Bowyer said he knew things would be different coming from the now-shuttered Michael Waltrip Racing and taking a one-year deal with HScott as he waits for the No. 14 car to open up so he can replace the retiring Tony Stewart. But he admits, he didn’t know things were as bad as they were and other teams have stepped-up their game by making significant investments and partnerships to improve their programs.

For example, BK Racing bought all of MWR’s old cars and much of the equipment. Yes, that includes the race notes, set-up information and anything Bowyer may have jotted down.

“We are definitely behind a lot farther than I was ready for but, you know, a year is a long time and I know what my future holds. That’s the positive that keeps me going but I won’t rest at night until I know that Harry Scott is where they need to be when I get out of the seat.

“I can tell you what the difference is, all the teams that they (HScott Motorsports) outran last year formed alliances. Look at Front Row, they’ve got an alliance with Roush Racing. Look at BK Racing, they bought all of my old cars that qualified 20th and ran 15th on average. By the way, they got all the notes, every set-up, every comment that I have ever had, every adjustment ever made to any condition – they have it. So, essentially they have way more information than we have right now.”

And if fans think there’s a secret alliance between HScott Motorsports and Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) or even Hendrick Motorsports – they would be incorrect. The team does get some information from SHR but it’s not on the level that would make a dramatic impact on the track and it definitely doesn’t include giving HScott ready-made cars capable of winning races.

“If that is the conception, yes, for sure, because it’s not,” Bowyer laughed when asked about any misconceptions regarding what HScott Motorsports was getting. “It’s definitely not and it’s not a Hendrick Motorsports car either. If you wreck a car or need a new car, you reach to one of those organizations and order a car but what you do with that car after that is the ingredients that make up the difference between a fast car and a slow car.”

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