Chris Buescher and crew get in on National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

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By Jerry Jordan — When Rodney Fetters, the pit crew coach for Chris Buescher’s No. 34 team, heard about the Casey Cares organization and its mission to make hospital stays for children less stressful, he knew he wanted to helped out and he thought of a way to involve the entire crew on National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day.
With Buescher and the entire team’s help, Fetters organized a pit stop practice with a twist – everyone would be wearing the PJ’s. And, it would be filmed for the entire world to see via YouTube.

“Pajamas rule and we wanted to help out,” Fetters said, in the video.

Buescher was more than happy to get in on the action and even broke out his Minions pajamas.

“Seeing pit stops in pajamas is really cool, and they actually did it in about the same time as when they’re wearing the regular fire suit – even with the capes,” Buescher said. “I’d never heard of National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day. But we had so much fun doing it, I really hope we can celebrate it every year. I know the rest of the world probably hasn’t seen it but there were back flips involved, I know of, at least, two capes and, at least, one mask worn during pit stops. They weren’t the fastest pit stops we’ve ever had but they were quite a site to see.”

“I’m glad we were chosen to do this for Casey Cares because it’s a worthy cause and was a lot of fun. That’s what means the most to all of us.”

Normally, pit stop practice is a pretty intense time because it gives teams the chance to train during the week, so they don’t make costly mistakes during the race. However, after spending about half their normal time practicing in race gear, the team donned their PJ’s and had some fun.

“We didn’t have to be serious at all,” Buescher said. “In fact, we were encouraged not to be.”

National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day has been around for a while – created to occur after tax season – but the mission of Casey Cares was to bring awareness to kids with critical illnesses and undergoing intense medical procedures and let them know others were thinking about them.

It’s basically the biggest pajama party ever. For more information about Casey Cares and its mission, visit

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