Danica Patrick Still Upset Over 2016 Auto Club Speedway Penalty

Photo by Nigel Kinrade/NKP

By Jerry Jordan, Editor

FONTANA, Calif. – Danica Patrick has paid her fair share of fines through the years for actions detrimental to stock car auto racing and for safety issue last year at Auto Club Speedway when she was “right-reared” by Kasey Kahne and sent spinning at 215 mph. This year, the feisty female is still fuming over the crash and the ensuing fine that came from NASCAR as she went onto the track to express her displeasure with Kahne by pointing at her behind.

The topic came up in early morning press availabilities at the track when she was asked her thoughts on the recent Las Vegas fight between Kyle Busch and Joey Logano, as well as, the retaliation meted out by Austin Dillon against Cole Custer in the Xifnity Series race at Phoenix Raceway.

“Give me my money back,” Patrick said. “I think NASCAR makes a really big mistake of fining for some stuff, especially something that happens in the car because it makes for good TV – just like fights and all that stuff. We can handle it. I think it’s a mistake. I might be speaking too much, but I’ve been fined a few times and I think that it makes for good TV and I think that we handle it out on the track ourselves.”

Despite worrying that she may be sharing too much on her penalty displeasures, Patrick continued to point out that fining drivers for perceived misbehaviors really didn’t hurt them and instead upset NASCAR fans.

“I mean, what does that really do,” she asked. “I’m not gonna not go on vacation. I would actually rather know what it did. I would actually love to see like the playground that got built for it, or homeless people that got food. I would like to see actually what the money does for fines because it’s supposed to go to charity, right? So, what does it really do? I would like to see that.”

As for now, it appears NASCRA has definitely lightened up in lightening the pocketbooks of NASCAR drivers. None of the drivers involved in questionable acts over the past few weeks have been hit with a fine. And Mitch Covington, VP of Sports Marketing for Monster Energy, the Cup Series sponsor, told Kickin’ the Tires he isn’t concerned if drivers get involved in a dustup.

“We want to see real emotion and real racing,” Covington said. “As far as whether Monster wants to be any certain thing, we just want to see real racing and real racers and see them go at it every weekend … they have a problem with one another after the race, then so be it.”

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