INDYCAR reveals new photos of 2018 aero kit

Renderings: INDYCAR

By Aaron Bearden, Motorsports Editor

Two months after revealing initial renderings of the 2018 aero kit at the North American International Auto Show, INDYCAR has released another glimpse at the upcoming cars.

The pictures are computer generated, providing a more realistic look at the machines ahead of their debut later this year.

“While this remains a work in progress, we are encouraged with where the development of the 2018 car stands,” Jay Frye, INDYCAR president of competition and operations, said in a release. “The look of the car is bold, the performance data from simulations is meeting targeted goals and safety enhancements built into the design will be substantial.”

The cars are expected to begin testing during the middle of the summer, though the supplier of the new kits has yet to be unveiled. Tubs will still be provided by Dallara, with Honda and Chevrolet continuing to field motors.

One of the central focuses of the new cars is downforce. The new machines are expected to generate more downforce from underneath the machine, as opposed to the current kits that create most downforce from the top.

“We’ve been working on the aerodynamics to suit the look, rather than the other way around,” Tino Belli, INDYCAR director of aerodynamic development said. “We’re working on creating more of the downforce from the underwing,” Belli said. “The hole in the floor (of the undertray on this year’s car) will be sealed for the road courses and short ovals, but will still be open for the superspeedways.”

The machines also feature a low engine cover to reflect a more historic indy car look, as well as side impact structures in the sidepods and repositioned radiators with turbocharger inlets moving to the inside of the radiator inlet ducts, which the release claims will “assist in reducing the severity of side impacts by crushing on impact.”

The current rear wing and front wing main planes will be made smaller, while the rear wing for road courses and short ovals will be made lower and wider. The centerline wicker will be tapered from the car’s nose to the cockpit.

The rear wing and front wing main plane are smaller in the new car look and the centerline wicker from the nose of the car to the cockpit is tapered. The rear wing in the road course/short oval configuration is lower and wider. The fins on the leading edge of the sidepods of the current car will be removed or minimized on the 2018 car.

No mention was made of a windscreen or any other extra cockpit protections in the release.

A group of IndyCar stars took to Twitter to comment on Wednesday’s sneak peak.

The IndyCar Series will return to action for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach on April 9.

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