Amy Earnhardt says Dale Jr. won’t return for the 2018 Clash

Chris Owens/Action Sports Photography

By Aaron Bearden, Motorsports Editor

Amy Earnhardt adressed any question about whether husband Dale Earnhardt Jr. will return to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series for the 2018 Clash at Daytona International Speedway in a tweet Tuesday evening.

The answer’s no, and for a good reason.

Her tweet reads: “I’ve received many comments on Dale Jr running the 2018 Clash, based on whether or not I give my blessing. Considering his struggles last fall with his injury, we are very blessed that he is now healthy, happy & able to enjoy his final season…and hopefully many years beyond racing. So my answer is simple. It’s not worth the risk of his health.”

Courtesy of his Coors Light Pole Award for the Coke Zero 400, Earnhardt Jr. is technically eligible to compete in the year-opening exhibition race next season should he be able to find a ride. In the weeks since he earned eligibility, Earnhardt Jr.’s legion of fans have pondered whether they may see the two-time Daytona 500 winner compete in the event.

Earnhardt Jr. himself considered running the event, but said he would defer to Amy on the final decision, a fact she reminded a critical fan of shortly after her initial post.

Earnhardt Jr. was sidelined for the second half of the 2016 season with lingering symptoms from a concussion.

Should he truly be retired from competing at Daytona, Earnhardt Jr. leaves the facility with four points-paying Cup Series victories including two Daytona 500, five qualifying race wins and two triumphs in the Clash, along with six victories in the XFINITY Series.

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  1. Kandy

    July 22, 2017 at 10:40 am

    Why isn’t Dale Jr making the decision to race or not to race. Its not her place to tell him that he can’t do it when it was all go before he met her now that their married she’s running the show

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I read your response with great laughter but please don’t take offense to that. It is clear you are female and while that doesn’t matter from a fan perspective, let me give you a guy’s perspective. They are married. It’s easier to agree than argue. If momma ain’t happy, nobody is happy. Happy wife, happy life. So, that pretty much sums it up. As for Dale Earnhardt Jr., who knows, he may do it anyway. We will see.

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