UPDATE: Frank Kerr Ready For Action On The Box

Photo by Jerry Jordan/Kickin' the Tires

By Jerry Jordan, Editor

BRISTOL, Tenn. – Less than 24-hours after being injured when the No. 72 car fell off the jack and pinned him underneath as he was looking under the frontend, crew chief Frank Kerr is back at the track and ready to lead Cole Whitt in tonight’ s Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race.

“I guess the old saying, if you’re going to be dumb you better be tough, right,” Kerr said, trying not to laugh too hard as he explained how he was hurt during the first practice session at Bristol Motor Speedway on Friday. “Basically, there was 20 to 25 minutes left to go in practice and we were making a change. The left side of the car went up in the air and they were getting the jack stand under there and I thought it was under by then. But they had to hit the jack again to get it up and the jack rolled and the car landed on top of me.”

Although he was taken to the hospital he wanted to come back for qualifying later that night, said Cole Whitt, who told him to take it easy.

“He is a tough old bird, I will tell you that,” Whitt said. “I knew he wanted to come back even for qualifying and I texted between practices and said, ‘dude, you need to just chill or lay down. You’re one of the toughest people I know.’”

Kerr said it really was his plan to return to the track Friday night but his daughter stepped in. He said she drove up to the track after taking off early from work to help him. She sat in the back of the conference room of the hauler as Kerr fielded media interviews – arm in a sling – trying to relax.

“I was trying to do, but my daughter over there wouldn’t let me,” he said. “I bruised my sternum, my ribs. They’re really sore. But I broke my scapula. Really nothing you can do for it, but keep it still for a while, endure the pain and go on.

“I didn’t realize – right in the middle of my back I got this pain and here the radio clip was still clipped onto my back and digging in.”

Being an old school racer in the Sprint Car divisions, Kerr has seen his share of injuries throughout his lifetime. Along the way to 250 race wins as a driver before turning crew chief, he’d pretty much broken everything that’s hurting him now. He said he just hopes other teams will take note from a safety aspect.

“All these things that we’re talking about I’ve broke before,” Kerr said. “It’s happened before, so it’s bad but as a team we need to learn from it and I hope other teams learn from it also. Accidents can happen in a hurry.”

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