With Uncertain Future, Kenseth Eyes Playoff

Matthew T. Thacker/NKPPHoto

By Caleb Whisler, Staff Writer

As his future beyond 2018 becomes more uncertain as the days pass, Matt Kenseth is focused on the final 10 races in the NASCAR Playoffs in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

With Danica Patrick announcing her departure from Stewart-Haas Racing. Kenseth confirmed to reporters that it would not be him. Kenseth also confirmed that he is still searching for a ride, but will be focusing on the playoffs.

“I’m really worried about the next 10 weeks. I mean, the next 10 weeks will probably have enough problems to worry about without, you know, worrying about anything three or four months from now. So, no, I don’t really have anything for you there,” said Kenseth.

Kenseth acknowledged that there were rides available that he would have liked, but instead they were filled with other rides. Being in contention and winning the championship is on his mind

“I don’t really know at this minute what’s going to happen for next season. Like I said, I got 10 weeks to worry about trying to hopefully be in contention, try to win another championship, win some races,” Kenseth stated. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Victory Lane. That’s really on the top of my mind, is trying to get that done.”

With Kenseth not returning to Joe Gibbs Racing, his team has remained focus on trying to win races. There is all kinds of incentives for the team to perform well, despite knowing their driver will not return. Kenseth believes the team has executed on pit stops better the past couple weeks.

Hitting the stride at the right time is important for any driver in NASCAR. Kenseth doesn’t consider this as a peaking at the right time, but as gaining that momentum in the right time.

“I feel like you’re always trying to gain and get better. It’s just some people are gaining or getting better at a faster rate than maybe you are, or maybe you are at a faster rate than them,” said Kenseth. “I feel like we definitely have more momentum and we’re performing better than we were three or four months ago, which obviously you always want to be at your best, but you certainly want to be your best at the end of the year.”

Going into the playoffs, Kenseth feels “pretty good” where the organization is at. Kenseth sits as the 15th seed heading into Chicagoland Speedway, 48 points behind Martin Truex, Jr.

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