Dale Jr. with stern words about celebratory burnouts

Nigel Kinrade/NKPPhoto

By Caleb Whisler, Staff Writer

When Dale Earnhardt Jr. speaks, the people listen. At New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Earnhardt had stern and harsh words for those drivers who blow out their tires in the celebratory burnout.

The problem for Earnhardt arises when the race winning driver blows the tires out during the celebratory burnout at the conclusion of the race. In his eyes, the problem arose with the Gen-6 coming into fruition. The logic does not make sense to Earnhardt when teams are penalized for tape flapping on the spoiler when the race winner goes to victory lane with a torn up race car because of a burnout.

“It is just hard for me to see the logic in suspending a crew chief, car chief for some tape flapping on the spoiler when the winner drives into Victory Lane with the rear of the car tore all to hell.  I don’t see how that doesn’t come across anybody’s conscious or common sense.

“I don’t understand.  It doesn’t make any sense to me.  And it never has, I have been kind of waiting all this time for NASCAR to eventually say look you know we would just rather you guys not blow the tires out.

Earnhardt referenced that being the “fun police” is not on the radar of NASCAR and its problems. In Earnhardt’s opinion, he feels that it is a cop-out by NASCAR.

“I just feel like that they should step-up. They’re the governing body. It’s obvious it’s done intentionally. It’s not unintentional. And you cannot tech the race car. They have to jack it up and put tires on it. If you’re watching the video of these crewman trying to fix that tape on that spoiler of the No. 24 car, imagine what the hell’s going on with the car that gets to jack it up and put tires on it before it can go across the LIS. We could go on and on about it.”

Earnhardt referenced that the celebratory burnout has been part of the sport for a while, but there were no issues with blowing out tires until recently. Earnhardt feels that blowing out the tires is a deliberate move.

“You have to deliberately do that. It’s not like oh, my bad, blew my tire. I mean it’s deliberate. So, it tells me there’s some purpose behind it. I don’t know why it’s so hard for NASCAR to say, look man, do some donuts. You can do donuts without blowing the tires out. But, you don’t have to blow the tires. But until they tell them not to do it, it’s fair game.”

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