Johnson reveals Cup champion’s journal

Logan Whitton/NKPPhoto

By Caleb Whisler, Staff Writer

Many people have heard about the possibility of the President of the United States receiving a journal full of classified information passed on to the next elected president. This book of secrets is for the eyes of the president only.

In NASCAR, no such journal existed for a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion… until 2011. This little known secret was announced on social media by Jimmie Johnson, the first driver to have multiple entries in the journal.

The idea of a champion’s journal came after a conversation with Mike Helton, NASCAR vice chairman. This book is considered a mantle passed on each year to the Cup champion.

The journal has been through the hands of Johnson twice, Tony Stewart, Brad Keselowski, Kevin Harvick, and now Martin Truex Jr.

“Just some cool things from one champion to another. Those personal bonds you make throughout your racing career, those guys kinda share that and what their journey was like in their championship season. Very proud and honored to add my story into that and give it to somebody next year,” said Truex.

The goal of the book is to create a personal living document of Cup champions to preserve and share a unique perspective of the history of NASCAR. The NASCAR Hall of Fame has already expressed interest in showcasing the journal when it is full.

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