Danica Patrick and GoDaddy together again, but in which chariot will she ride?

Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/NASCAR via Getty Images

By Jerry Jordan, Editor
Danica Patrick announced Thursday morning that she does indeed have a sponsor that is backing her in the 2018 Daytona 500 and the 102nd Running of the Indianapolis 500, and it’s the company that made her the queen of the racing dance – GoDaddy.

“I’m back to GoDaddy green,” Patrick said, on FOX Business Channel.

It’s a reunion of two partners that made racing relevant to girls around the world and one that put Patrick as the star of more Super Bowl commercials than any other celebrity on the planet. And, according to Patrick, it is great way to end her career.

“It’s really cool how our brands have really grown up together,” she said. “As companies we’ve started with getting noticed and then it goes from there to content and now it’s, GoDaddy’s gone in a direction of helping people, of course, the have always had domains and Web sites but now it is kind of about the side-hustle and I have a lot of side hustle – clothing line, book, wine. So, our brands just have really fit for so long and it’s a really cool way to end my career.”

Patrick stopped short of saying which team, or teams, she will be driving for in the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500, but there is a lot of speculation around both garages. Last month Kickin’ the Tires was the first to report that talks had broken down with Chip Ganassi Racing. And in November, Roger Penske said he wasn’t in negotiations with Patrick. However, now that a serious backer is in the mix talks could warm-up again rather quickly.

As for why she went with GoDaddy, Patrick said it seemed appropriate for her to be “back in green for these last two races of my career” since they both built their brands off one another in the beginning.

“They were just such and amazing company and such a big part of my career,” Patrick said. “We like to argue about who was more important to who, which I think is a great argument but GoDaddy has been instrumental in my brand and awareness.”

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