Crafton ready for 2018 season with switch to Ford

Russell LaBounty/NKPPhoto

By Caleb Whisler, Staff Writer


With ThorSport Racing switching to the Ford Performance banner, Matt Crafton is excited to hit the track with Ford in 2018 after learning about the switch last week.

During his days at the Southwest Tour in 1997, Crafton drove under the Ford banner. The switch back to Ford allows for Crafton’s father to return to being a fan of his son.

“In my old Southwest Tour days in 1997 I started racing a Ford out west and that’s all my dad has ever owned and raced, so it’s very exciting for him because he always said whenever I first started racing another manufacturer, ‘I don’t know if I can root for you because I’ve only driven a Ford and you’ve only driven a Ford,’ so I guess now I’ve got a new fan in my dad,” said Crafton.

With Daytona just less than a month away, the men and women at the shop in Sandusky, Ohio have worked overtime preparing trucks for the special engine test at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Wednesday and for Daytona. With the late switch, the truck test at Charlotte will be a learning a moment for all of ThorSport.

“All the crew chiefs are coming down and they’re all gonna work together and just come up with ideas,” said Crafton. “The biggest thing is we put a new nose on and just finished this weekend.  We haven’t taken it to the wind tunnel yet.  We have no idea what we’ve got, so it should be fun.”

Being the lone Truck team under the Ford banner, ThorSport will be receiving wind tunnel and technological support.

“Ford is gonna give us a lot of support – the wind tunnel, engineering support.  We’re gonna get everything we’ve had in the past, and just being the only Ford team out there and for the most part are gonna be backed by them just like some of the other teams are.”

With this switch, Crafton is ready for the 2018 Truck season. He believes that the organization has put him in position to win more championships.

“I’m in a very, very good position to be able to win more championships without a doubt.  We won two in the past and there’s no reason why I can’t stop at three, four, or five more.  We have to be able to keep all the right people at ThorSport and I know we’ve got the right sponsor and all the right people right now to make it happen.  I feel we can this year.”

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