Biffle embarks on new role with General Tire

General Tire

By Caleb Whisler, Staff Writer

While it is not a full-time role behind the wheel, Greg Biffle has partnered with General Tire for their “Anywhere Is Possible” social media campaign.

Biffle, who left NASCAR at the end of the 2016 season, will be the focus on General Tire’s social media platforms participating in different activities throughout the year. The events will be broadcasted in real-time across the social channels of General Tire.

“We’re extremely excited to have Greg Biffle join Team GT,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing for General Tire, in a press release. “Greg’s voice will provide a change of pace in the channels. His perspective will be a great third-party approach and will allow us to earn new followers, increase our awareness, and of course, generate tons of content.”

Biffle will be participating in adventures on the trail, at the lake, in the desert, on the streets and anywhere a General Tire product will take you. The first event for Biffle will take place in New Orleans to help promote the G-MAX RS and GRABBER A/TX products General Tire offers.

Fans can interact with Biffle during the excursions by using #Biffle across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Biffle will join CJ Hutchins, Jim Beaver, Jeff Proctor, Chase Motorsports, Camburg Racing, Stan Shelton, Ryan Beat, Skeet Reese, Edwin Evers, Mark Rose, Ott DeFoe, John Crews, Britt Myers, and Bill McDonald on Team GT.

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