Jordan Anderson Becomes Owner/Driver for 2018 Trucks Season

Zach Catanzareti/Kickin' The Tires

By Zach Catanzareti, Staff Writer

Jordan Anderson is back in the Camping World Truck Series for 2018.

This time, he will add yet another hat to his resume, as the 26-year-old launches a new team in Jordan Anderson Racing, sporting the No. 3 Toyota for February’s season-opener at Daytona International Speedway.

“A lot of pieces have come into play to make this possible, ” Anderson said during Wednesday’s unveiling at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. “We have such a small group, we want to build to put things together and the opportunity presented itself with everyone who stepped up.”

Following three full-time years with five team owners in the Truck Series, Anderson will now have a stable home as a driver/owner for his fourth season.

“To play the role of owner/driver this year is an exciting one, definitely fueling the entrepreneurial spirit,” he said. “Being on the owner side makes me appreciate the other side of writing the checks.”

Running only one truck in 2017, Anderson will take a hearty step up in 2018, having four trucks at his disposal for the team’s debut year. Having purchased trucks from both Niece Motorsports and the now-defunct Brad Keselowski Racing, Anderson will also race the new Ilmor motor, which will “ease the transition” for a new small team to enter the series.

Additionally, the team will run all three manufacturers (Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford), a feat only made possible by the new Ilmor motor package introduced this season.

“Last year when we had to run manufacturer-specific motors, we would’ve been in a bad spot because we would not have been able to purchase a speedway truck,” he said. With the Ilmor motor, to be able to drop it in a Chevrolet, a Toyota, a Ford — from a smaller team, we were able to get that equipment.”

With more to play with for the first time in his NASCAR career, Anderson, however, doesn’t plan on changing his driving mentality much. Like always, it’s about protecting the equipment.

“It does take a little different driving style having one truck,” he said. “You have to be strategic in the moves you make and what decisions you have to make to protect this truck. Appreciating both sides of it, I’ll have to be very calculated with my moves on the track. The truck we’re taking to Atlanta, we’re taking to Las Vegas the next week. Having four trucks, we can hopefully take advantage of that time not having to turn a truck over every week.”

Being a part of only a four-employee team also ups the workload for the season to come, said Anderson.

“We’ve kept our crew from last year,” he said. “We have a few part-time guys who come in after-hours, they work other jobs and when they get off work, they come help. My guys don’t work 9-5, they come in at 7 a.m. and they leave at dinner time. There’s a lot of pizza that gets brought in the shop.”

One more addition that will make the new team pop is the number, as the No. 3 will return to the Truck Series in 2018.

“The No. 3 was one of the first numbers Junior Johnson drove, so that’s going to be very special,” he said. “And then with the history Dale [Earnhardt] had, it was certainly special to have the opportunity to drive it this year and hopefully to create our own legacy. We have high expectations.”

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