Austin Dillon opens up about “Barn Life”

By Caleb Whisler, Staff Writer

With the world of podcasting becoming a popular medium, Austin Dillon and Paul Swan, front tire carrier and Jackman, have started a new video podcast, “Barn Life.”

Dillion and Swan have been good buddies. Despite Dillon getting married over the offseason, they have remained best friends. Ultimately, Swan bought a house in front of Dillion’s. The goal of this podcast is to have fun and showcase life outside of racing.

“Paul Swan is my front tire carrier/jack man and me and him are just good buddies. He actually bought my first house, which is in front of the barn where I live,” Dillion stated. “He lived with me for a long time, and then I got married and had to kick him out; so he bought my house and he lives right there in front of me. And we just wanted to showcase what we do as far as having fun and what we like to talk about. It’s all about just having fun and showing the fans our side of life that’s different.

Fans will be able to view the new video podcast on Dillion’s YouTube Channel. After the Can-Am Duels on Thursday, Dillon and Swan will do a live hit.

“I’m going to have him stay over Thursday night after the Duels and we’re going to do like a live hit on YouTube after the Duels just talking about the pit stops and probably the racing. Hopefully we win the Duel and we really have something to talk about,” Dillon said.

“Barn Life” will be available on Thursday or Friday for fans to view with recording being done on Wednesday’s. The only struggle for the podcast will be the West Coast Swing.

It’s going to be hard throughout the West Coast to keep up with that because I’ll be traveling obviously, so I’m going to Skype-into our set and Justin, who is kind of like the producer of the show, and then Paul will talk to me and we’ll have conversations from the West Coast because I’m not coming home during that week,” Dillion stated.

This move to podcasting by drivers signifies the changing of the guard for NASCAR.

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