Stewart-Haas Racing announces new partner for Clint Bowyer beginning at Talladega

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By Jerry Jordan, Editor

RICHMOND, Va. – Stewart-Haas Racing’s co-owner Tony Stewart was on-hand at Richmond Raceway Friday morning with Clint Bowyer in town to announce a new partner for the No. 14 team – bringing on Toco Warranty Corporation.

It’s a pay-as-you-go warranty service and Toco Warranty will be on Bowyer’s car beginning at Tallageda Superspeedway in two weeks. The company signed-on for a four-race primary deal, as well as, being a co-sponsor on Stewart’s World of Outlaws Sprint Car driven by Donny Schatz. But for the team and Bowyer, independently, it’s much more because of the company’s mission.

“We really want to be an advocate for consumers out there,” said Brad Basmajian, Chief Operating Officer for Toco Warranty. “And when we met with these guys, and just being in their offices down in Charlotte, I hadn’t ever really got such a sense of earnestly, such a sense of, kind of, simpatico relationship type of relationship that I had ever had from any other partner we’ve discussed in any industry. I got the sense they were very in tune with what we are trying to do, actually, believed in the message that we were trying to get out there. I didn’t think there is any other group, team, sport, anyone else out there that would have made a better fit than these guys. It was just all apparent from these guys, from everyone who works there, it was just really an amazing experience from the first time we met.”

Bowyer, who grew up in the towing business and now owns an auto dealership, understands the importance of reliable transportation. He saw firsthand people being stranded and he had high-praise for the new sponsor.

“Owning a dealership, I understand the value of warranties and things like that but more importantly, having a dad who towed vehicles my whole life in and out of service center for people who needed help,” Bowyer said. “People get stranded, people have trouble and this warranty program is a phenomenal tool. The simplicity of it is what I like, it is as simple as going to a website and it’s pay-as-you-go. This isn’t a long-term contract you have to sign-up for.”

Basmajian said he was hooked on Stewart-Haas Racing from the beginning and when asked why the company only jumped on the car for four races, explained it was all that was available for 2019. He said the SHR believes in “transparency” and he wants to expand the relationship going forward.

“We are going to present at every race,” Basmajian said. “We are going to be an associate sponsor at every race. What does it take? It takes the calendar changing from 2019 to 2020. I see this as a slam dunk for us and I don’t think there is anything that could take that off-course.”

For Stewart, he has always focused on sponsors as being a “partner” with the organization. He actually doesn’t use the term because a sponsor is “someone who writes a check” but he said that isn’t what SHR is about.

“It a unique and almost perfect opportunity,” said Stewart. “This is one of the first times we have had a partner that really spans all the way across. Obviously, to have Clint on the NASCAR side, I don’t think you can ask for a better personality to represent you.

“It is huge for all the teams that are here but for us it is something that we have a lot of pride in is being able to bring new partners into the sport. The reason we call them partners is because a sponsor is, you know, a sponsor is someone who writes a check, puts a paint job on a car and off they go. This is not what our program is about. Our program is about teaming up with partners, understanding their goals and objections and helping to find ways to execute that and give them value for what they are spending and trying to help us do. That is what is important for us because if it doesn’t help them then it doesn’t help us at the end of the day.”

Stewart said this arrangement with Toco Warranty is extra-special because it crosses over into his Sprint Car team and will put the company in front of fans at more than 90 events this year.

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