Mosiman Comes Back from LCQ Transfer to Earn Top-5 in Main Event

Michael Mosiman heads into a corner at Anaheim 1 during the Supercross 250SX Main Event. Photo by Rachel Schuoler/Kickin' the Tires Photo by Rachel Schuoler/Kickin' the Tires

ANAHEIM, CA — Michael Mosiman had an up and down night at Anaheim 1, literally.

After crossing the finish jump in sixth after the first full lap, he was set for a comfortable run to the main event. He made a mistake on the next lap and fell down to 13th in the running order. Despite riding back up to 11th, he took another fall, dropped as far as 17th and had to rely on the Last Chance Qualifier to keep his 250SX Main Event hopes alive.

Mosiman rode in true veteran style and keeping the pressure under control. He shot out of the gate, grabbed the holeshot and led every lap in the LCQ to put himself into the Main Event. He didn’t stop there; despite the poor gate selection, he clawed his way to a sixth position start and quietly worked his way into the top five. Unofficially, he finished in the fifth position, but after Austin Forkner received a post-race penalty for a cut-track, he would officially be credited with a fourth place result.

“It was good to come out of here with a top-five result but I’m not super stoked on how I rode,” Mosiman said. “It’s comforting, though, because I know I’ve got a whole lot more in the tank.”

The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider doesn’t want to rely on luck. During the off-season, he went through grueling training and testing, both physically and emotionally, to prepare himself for the 2020 season.

“I actually took this test (during the off season),” Mosiman said. “It’s called a caliber test. I rated a 98 for levelheadedness.

“Some of my worst finishes come after I emotionally don’t engage as much as when I take in the facts. The bummer part is that although I don’t have as big a down, when it’s great success I find that other people around me are more excited than I am. I want to have that thrill, but I’m so levelheaded that it’s like: ‘That’s Awesome. Glad it went well. Where are we going for dinner?’”

Any fan is fully aware of the physical strain riders face during any Supercross season. Any riders with that experience can also relate to the mental focus and emotional stress that can come with competing at a high level. For Mosiman, he credits a lot of his help from up above.

“The thing that is central to who I am is my faith in God,” Mosiman said. “I’m a Christian and that means a lot to me. It’s an interesting piece that a lot of people are not particularly vocal about.”

Mosiman puts all of this together to help him accomplish his goals and become a better rider, racer and person.

“I find that when I feel like I’m riding my easiest and my slowest is when I’m going my fastest and best, “Mosiman said. “Something I’m really coming to terms with right now is that as soon as I try to push it – say someone is catching me from behind – and I go, ‘that’s not right; I need to step up the pace’, I can step up the pace but I’ll probably make more mistakes and it ends up being slower.

“So the real way to do it is that rather than to step it up from a stressed-out place – to be cleaner and to do it from a more calm state. I mentally see that by hitting my lines, it will come together.”

His focus, understanding and growth as a Supercross rider is always pointing back to his faith in God as a Christian.

“I’m motivated to not cut corners when it can be so easy to do so. The motivation to do the right thing and not just the easy thing.”

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