BREAKING: NASCAR, AMR Partner for At-Track Response Team

By Jerry Jordan, Editor

CONCORD, NC – Sources have confirmed to Kickin’ the Tires that NASCAR will expand its at-track, on-scene medical personnel through an agreement with American Medical Response (AMR), the nation’s largest medical transport company.

According to the source, beginning in 2017 at Daytona International Speedway, AMR personnel will respond when a racecar is involved in an accident on the track. The company will have paramedics and doctors embedded with NASCAR’s Safety Crew and treat any injured driver or crew member needing medical assistance prior to being transported to the infield care center or to an off-site hospital/trauma center. It is believed there will be, as many as, four or five AMR personnel at the track each week staged with the safety crew and they will be amongst the first on the scene of a crash.

According to its Web site, the Colorado-based AMR has over 6,600 emergency response vehicles spread across the U.S., as well as, 12 fixed wing emergency transport aircrafts. It is a subsidiary of Envision Healthcare and employs more than 28,000 clinicians, EMTs, paramedics, nurses and physicians.

It will be up to the AMR team to determine if they stay with the driver to the next point of care or release them for further evaluation and treatment. The source said the new AMR team increases the current travelling safety crew’s ability to quickly assess an emergency situation and provide medical care.

“Their doctors and paramedics will ride with our safety crews and be easily recognizable at the track,” the source said. “They will have the immediate first response and then hand over care to the ambulance crew or continue on to the infield care center.”

The new partnership does not change how the infield care center will be staffed; however, which per NASCAR policy, is to use a locally-based medical team. It has long been the belief of NASCAR officials and other experts that local doctors and caregivers have the best understanding of what medical tools and additional emergency resources available in a community. Those local medical teams also have the ability to quickly access those connections should they be needed. The infield care center personnel are made up of board certified emergency responders from trauma centers near each individual track.

The AMR responders will be additional level of medical care at the front end of an incident, the source explained.

An attempt to reach out to a NASCAR spokesperson for comment about the reported partnership was unsuccessful at the time this story was published.

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