Hunter Lawrence Earns First Career 250SX West Victory at Arlington 2

Cover image by Feld Entertainment, Inc.

In just his sixth start with Team Honda HRC, Australia’s Hunter Lawrence grabs the win in Arlington 2 in AT&T Stadium in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross 250SX West class.

“At the start, I think I was in fifth around the first turn and just tried to push and shove myself to the front,” said Lawrence. “Those boys in the first opening laps, everyone can run a pretty close speed while they’re all fresh, so I was just sitting there trying to make passes where I could. I was in third for a little bit, then seeing an opportunity and went for it and made a two-for-one pass at the finish line. Then it was easier since I had a clear track and could manage the race.”

Mitchell Harrison grabbed the holeshot and led five laps, but Lawrence was able to get around and lead the remaining 13 laps on route to his victory. He edges out his brother Jett Lawrence by just one race, who won in his seventh career Supercross 250 East start earlier this year at Houston 2. Hunter is also the first brother to carry a red plate, after former point leader Cameron McAdoo was penalized for a cut-track violation.

“Last corner, I was like, ‘Yes, we did it’,” Lawrence stated with a grin. “It all just came out on the finish line. Everything flashed through my head that I’ve been through in the past two years. It was a cool moment that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.”

The Lawrence brothers have been a competitive pair that fans have been eagerly anticipating. Bragging rights aside, Hunter still has much respect for his younger sibling and still wishes for success.

“Who knows where I’ll be in my championship at (Round 17),” Hunter shared. “I think Jett (Lawrence) is a few points back with just a couple rounds left. It will definitely be fun. It’s been something people have wanted to see, with both of us when we’re 100%. Lucas (Mirtl, Jett Lawrence’s Public Relations agent) asked us the other day and I said that I’d clean his clock for a Main Event win, and (Jett) said the same thing. So if it comes down to the line, one of may send it up the inside. Maybe a little more so than if it was with any other riders, just because we can probably fight out there since we’re brothers.”

Even though the two are separated by four years and a handful of days, Hunter still makes it clear he wants the bigger stick when they race face-to-face later this year at the 250 Showdown in Utah at Round 17.

When Hunter was told that he beat his brother to his first career win, and that he would take the red plate to Arlington 3 — a feat his brother has not accomplished yet — a thick Australian “oh yeah” came from the 21 year old sophomore Supercross rider.

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