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Kristian Aleixo: In The Driver’s Seat February Edition

Courtesy of: Kristian Aleixo

In 2020, Kickin’ The Tires welcomes a new feature called ‘In The Driver’s Seat’ where four to five different drivers will come on board and share their thoughts, race season and more with you the fans each month. Our mission is to provide a glimpse into their lives in and beyond the driver’s seat.

Welcome to my first blog of 2020– Well, actually, it’s my first blog EVER and I’m super stoked it’s with “Kickin’ The Tires”! They’re trying something new and so am I, because after all, what’s a new year without an adventure into unchartered territory? 

Now, this isn’t quite Magellan’s quest to circumnavigate the globe by sail, but I do hope it will be just as fun (and with less scurvy)! I’m not sure what the other drivers have planned for you with their entries, but I’d like mine to offer some insight into the painstaking preparation and challenges that go into my attempt to compete at two oval race weekends on the “Road to Indy presented by Cooper Tires” (IndyCar’s development series ladder) schedule. 

Yes, I know this is predominantly a NASCAR media outlet but before you burn me at the stake in the town square, depending on sponsorship, I may look at running a Truck Series race or two down the line, however, my main priority this year is Lucas Oil Raceway on Indy 500 weekend and World Wide Technology Raceway just outside of St. Louis in August. 

Most fans tune in on Sunday or buy a ticket across from the infield to catch the action but believe it or not, in many ways, what you’re seeing is the “easy” part of the weekend. So much toiling goes into just getting onto the grid. 

What you don’t see is all of the cold calls to prospective sponsors, the emails that go unanswered, the back and forth between your agent and promising leads that turn into dead-ends… it’s a necessary emotional roller coaster that all becomes worth it when I get to strap on my Bell helmet, shut the visor and take the green flag! 

From the brain training at Neuro-Groove in Indianapolis to the simulator seat time at RaceCraft1, this blog is for those whose favorite part of a movie on Blu-Ray is the behind-the-scenes special features of how it’s all made. Some of you may remember me from Sarah Handy’s article “Kristian Aleixo: Where adversity meets racing” (If you haven’t checked it out, you’re late to the party!

Kristian Aleixo where Adversity meets Racing

This is a continuation of what happens when your last name isn’t Earnhardt or Andretti but you’re determined to get where you’re going. Hopefully, through sharing the journey with you, you and I will become fast friends! And no more bad puns… I promise.




Kristian Aleixo is a Racer, Reality TV Personality with Sharp Entertainment and author of the autobiography “My Life in Story: The Outside Groove” foreword by Willy T. Ribbs and the upcoming kid’s book “Faster & Faster: A children’s guide to Motorsport” introduced by Robby Unser. He is also an Iraq War Veteran, Type 1 diabetic and proud Brand Ambassador of Gutzy Organic and Gleaner’s Food Bank of Indiana.

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