, Front Row Motorsports to Donate to Texas Storm Relief

By: Zach Catanzareti, Staff Writer

As the state of Texas continues to re-build and survive through the winter storms, there is help in sight.

As countless Texans face power outages, freezing temperatures and lack of resources in the midst of the pandemic, (sponsor of Cup Series driver Michael McDowell and Front Row Motorsports) is stepping up. To support those in need is donating 1 percent of the revenue generated through the website from Feb. 22 through Feb. 28 to Feeding Texas and advanced $100,00 for immediate relief efforts across the state.

“Being part of the Texas community means doing our small part to help our friends and neighbors when they most desperately need relief,” said Todd Percival, Director of Distribution Center Operations at “We couldn’t sit by while members of our community suffer without heat, without power, and without food.

“We know there is immense need throughout the state, and no one company or organization can address all of it. Still, I am grateful that we can aid in what will be an enormous team effort to get the state back on its feet.”’s local relief efforts began when they received assistance from Percival. Now making a home in Texas in 2020, wants to make an impact with the local communities.

“In crises like this, we understand the need for immediate and long-term relief, and we’re committed to providing both through this initiative,” said Chief Executive Officer Lev Peker.

Following Michael McDowell’s Daytona 500 victory on Feb. 14, CarParts stepped up to sponsor McDowell and his No. 34 Front Row Motorsports Ford for multiple races in 2021. Previously sponsoring the team in five races in 2020, McDowell further appreciates’s loyalty to the team and now the Texas community.

“It makes me proud to say that our partner is playing a part in the Texas relief efforts,” said McDowell. “As a part of their efforts, they’ve made an advanced donation of $100,000 to Feeding Texas to put food on the table for as many people as possible.

“The donation will come from purchases at If you need a part, now is a good time to get one and help the people in Texas.”’s donation will be shared across 21 statewide food banks to increase inventory after the loss of food and resources from the power outages. Feeding Texas is front and center of the efforts.

“The pandemic already pushed more Texans than ever to access food assistance from food banks, public nutrition programs, and other sources,” said Celia Cole, Chief Executive Officer at Feeding Texas. “But the need is even higher as we strive to help Texas families recover from the impact of the recent winter storms.

“We need all the help we can get to keep our communities nourished through this crisis. We are grateful to have’s support to help make up for the loss of food and procure the additional food needed to meet the increased demand.”

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