Kyle Larson applies for reinstatement from NASCAR

By Jerry Jordan, Editor

Kyle Larson has applied for reinstatement as a driver in NASCAR after being indefinitely suspended over racially insensitive remarks made in April during an iRacing event.

The sanctioning body suspended Larson and most of his sponsors, as well as, Chip Ganassi Racing parted ways after the incident. Larson has been running in the World of Outlaws since that time and racking up win after win in the open-wheel dirt world.

Larson was required to undergo sensitivity training and completed that months ago. He has also volunteered his time helping charitable causes seeking no recognition or publicity for his altruism.

A NASCAR spokesperson confirmed  Larson’s reinstatement has not been approved by NASCAR at this time and said the sanctioning body will continue to discuss internally, with stakeholders and with Kyle, himself, before making any announcement on potential reinstatement.

There has been much speculation on where Larson will race, if, or when, he is reinstated by the sanctioning body with most believing he will end up at either Hendrick Motorsports or Stewart-Haas Racing. Sources have told Kickin’ the Tires, that Hendrick Motorsports is the likely destination and coincides with changes made involving sponsors and car numbers earlier this month.

Chevrolet also ended its relationship with Larson after the incident but when asked about the automaker welcoming Larson back, should he sign with Hendrick, a senior spokesperson for Chevrolet told Kickin’ the Tires last week that, “I don’t know anything concrete about that, but, again, Chevrolet wouldn’t comment on something future or hypothetical.”

One thought on “Kyle Larson applies for reinstatement from NASCAR

  1. Its about time that NOOSECAR reinstates him. Gee, he said the N word. So what. So do millions of other people every day. He didn’t do drugs, kill anybody, abuse his spouse or children, he simply said a common word and it got him placed in NOOSECAR purgatory. Would love to see “Smoke” put in in Clint’s car next year. Or better yet, in the new series that Stewant and Everingham are starting. NOOSECAR is in deep trouble anyway and not long for this world.

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