NASCAR Confirms It Has Built An Electric Racing Vehicle But Has Not Planned Its Racing Future

By Jerry Jordan, Editor

AVONDALE, Ariz. – Just over a year after Kickin’ the Tires broke the news that NASCAR was looking into an electric vehicle option for racing, Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR Chief Operating Officer, confirmed they have built and tested an electric racecar.

The car was tested at zMax Dragway and had positive results but there appear to be no plans, currently, to start a new racing series, he said. Rather, he said, NASCAR is gauging the interest of its fanbase and looking at all alternative fuel options for the future.

“A lot of work has gone on at the R&D department around EV. We have a car, we have an alternative body style with that car,” O’Donnell told Kickin’ the Tires during the State of the Sport address with him and NASCAR President Steve Phelps. “I would not look at us to specifically go racing with it. I think you could see it showcased at certain events next year. But there are other forms that we want to look at. I am actually headed to Japan on Thursday to go look at hydrogen racing, specifically. So, we have a contingent heading over to Japan to look at that.

“We want to, kind of, test each and every form and we are really excited about what our teams can put together around an electric car but, again, we want to showcase that to the fans and look for additional technologies, as well.”

Kickin’ the Tires has confirmed that NASCAR will test its electric racecar in December, this time at Martinsville Speedway and it could make its public debut to fans, as early as, January 2024.

The reaction from manufacturers on the news of an EV racecar potentially in the NASCAR spectrum was not a shocker. There are already EVs racing in other series around the world.

“All I will say is that NASCAR has a great fanbase and while I say these three national series work for us, they do,” said Mark Rushbrook, Global Director for Ford Performance. “But is there an opportunity to do more in front of those same fans, yes.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: We will update this article as we obtain more information (about) NASCAR’s electric and alternative vehicle plans.

3 thoughts on “NASCAR Confirms It Has Built An Electric Racing Vehicle But Has Not Planned Its Racing Future

  1. “EDITOR’S NOTE: We will update this article as we obtain more information NASCAR’s electric and alternative vehicle plans.”

    The editor left out the word “about” in this statement. For some reason, this makes me think AI is involved. Editor, please do not leave words out of your sentences? Do you need a proofer who has experience?

    1. Thank you for catching my deliberate error of leaving out “about.” You passed the test. Now, I know exactly who I need to hire for the next editing position at Kickin’ the Tires. Just so you know, the hours are long, I got to the track at 6:30 a.m. and covered multiple stories throughout the day, not leaving until after midnight and getting to my room at 1 a.m. This morning, I was back at the track at 7:30 a.m. and will be here until after 11 p.m., most likely. By the way, the pay sucks and you take a lot of crap from people in the comments and on social media; however, the job could be yours. Send me your resume and if you meet our rigid standards, I would be happy to give you consideration. Thanks, Jerry

  2. An electric small SUV could have a dozen manufacturers interested. Looking at the demographics of Formula E would suggest that a huge gain in the 18 to 49’s is possible with that move vs a small one with hydrogen. Writing a spec that can be actually teched in pre and post race is a huge task. The way to make this succeed and really get a good gauge on interest would be to have a short companion event on Sunday mornings with the Cup races and have it only available on a streaming service. If you can draw 1.5 million eyes in the 18 to 49 for that and fans don’t boo at the track, you have a replacement for Xfinity which is becoming irrelevant.

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