NASCARToyota Performance Center Preparing Drivers for the Track

Toyota Performance Center Preparing Drivers for the Track

Lewis Franck, Special Report for Kickin’ the Tires

CORNELIUS, N.C. – The Toyota Performance Center (TPC) is Toyota’s newest weapon in helping to develop young drivers for the future of auto racing. From strength and endurance training to which foods to eat and even addressing mental health and stress issues, the experts at TPC work to transform these young drivers into the next wave of champions for Toyota.

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Tyler Gibbs, General Manager, TRD

Jack Irving, Group Manager, Commercial, TRD

Coach Caitlin Quinn, Performance Director, TPC

Tammy Dersham, Physical Therapist

Tish Guerin, Mental Health & Wellness Director, TPC

Swikar Patel, Creative Director, TPC

Lindsey Boomer, Academy Director, TPC

Lewis Franck
Lewis Franck
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