BK Racing working with engine partner to resolve financial differences

Photo by Jerry Jordan/Kickin' the Tires

By Jerry Jordan, Editor
CONCORD, N.C. – Only 38 cars took the track for NASCAR Cup Series first practice at Charlotte Motor Speedway – two short because the No. 83 and No. 23 of BK Racing didn’t get on the track.

BK Racing later presented the two cars for qualifying inspection but, again, did not take to the track for qualifying. Per the NASCAR rulebook, a qualifying attempt consists of passing initial inspection, participating in practice and passing qualifying inspection. At some point, unless the series director rules otherwise, the cars would have to, at least, make a practice attempt.

A source told Kickin’ the Tires that Joey Arrington, owner of REP and Ron Devine, owner of BK Racing, were, or would be, meeting to discuss and work out the financial matter between the two companies because the engine bill had not been paid.

REP and BK Racing have been in an ongoing legal battle over engines and payments for some time, which was first reported in January by Kickin’ the Tires. That case, which was brought by BK Racing, required Devine to pay REP $1.46 million earlier this year but in a win for Devine, the court ruled BK Racing would receive the engines involved in the dispute.

Since that time, the two companies worked out an arrangement where REP would continue to provide BK Racing with engines for the 2017 season. That deal apparently had a hiccup on Friday, when the engine tuners for left the garage and took with them the modules and codes needed to fire the engines.

When reached for contact, Devine said, “We’ll be fine. No story here.”

He would not confirm any other information except that there had been no temporary restraining order filed that would have prevented the team from getting on the track.

Asked about what was going on from his perspective, Corey LaJoie, driver of BK Racing’s No. 23 car was upbeat but obviously frustrated at not getting any laps in on Friday. He didn’t burn down the team or Devine and said, so far, his experience at BK Racing has been mostly positive.

“I don’t know what the status is but I know we didn’t make a lap today and that was pretty frustrating,” said LaJoie. “I didn’t ask specifics, I know they wouldn’t let me drive it today. That is really all I can say. I have had a busy day and been over at the Xfinity garage so I haven’t spent a lot of time over here. We had an issue like that at Loudon and that got resolved, so hopefully it gets resolved and we can, at least, get on the racetrack by the end of the weekend.

“It is hard to compete with the best stockcar teams in the world when you don’t get to practice. We are already fighting with both hands tied behind our back anyways and now we are trying to tie both legs behind our back, as well. It has been a good experience, so far. So, we shall see. Hopefully, we can get the 23 Camry out on the racetrack tomorrow, if not, I am going to have a good day and a good time tonight in this modified. I am going to have a good time in the YouTheory Camry in the Xfinity garage and whatever happens Sunday, happens Sunday. We will probably get rained on so that might buy us a little more extra time but I know there is nobody else having to deal with these issues. I don’t know.”

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