DNA evidence recovered after attempted break-in at home of NASCAR team owner Richard Childress

Courtesy: Davidson County Sheriff's Office

By Jerry Jordan, Editor
Clothing recovered from the home of NASCAR team owner Richard Childress could lead law enforcement to finding out the identities of three armed men, who are being sought for the attempted home invasion robbery, according to Davidson County Sheriff David Grice.

Although Grice doesn’t want to throw the term “home invasion” around loosely, the fact the three white male suspects were armed when they broke out a window at the home around 10:30 p.m. Sunday raises concerns that it wasn’t an ordinary burglary.

“We feel like they may be Caucasian and we feel like they may be in the 20-bracket; 20-ish and below but you never really know,” Grice told Kickin’ the Tires, in a telephone interview Thursday. “We do know they were armed with two long guns and one had a handgun.”

Grice said he wants to clarify that the three men being sought never made it into Childress’s home because Childress, who was upstairs with his wife Judy, was alerted by a security system and also heard the glass breaking downstairs. At that point, he armed himself and went to see what was going on, Grice said. Images of the suspects were captured on Childress’s security cameras., as well.

“He heard a sound and he heard a crash and went to investigate,” Grice said. “They had broken out a window in the door, like they do to reach in and unlock the door. He armed himself with a handgun and when he opened the door they fled and he fired. He and his wife, Judy, were not injured and we don’t know if any of the suspects were injured or not but, according to North Carolina Castle Doctrine, a person has the right to defend their home and their property and their person against an unlawful intrusion such as this. So, he was exercising his the right that he and every other citizen of North Carolina has to defend themselves.

“In speaking with Mr. Childress this morning and he pretty well summed it up in the statement and this is Mr. Childress’s quote, ‘the only reason why he and his wife are here today is because of God and the 2nd Amendment’ and he wanted me to re-emphasize that when talking to people.”

The 2nd Amendment grants that, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Childress is an avid hunter and staunch supporter of the people’s right to own firearms and to use those firearms to protect themselves, if needed.

Grice said the fact that the suspects were armed, especially with long guns, gives him pause to have even greater concern about what could have happened.

“That’s our opinion and I hate to start throwing the term around – home invasion – but I think that is where it was probably headed,” Grice said.

Grice said he wasn’t sure if Childress’s home was specifically targeted or if it was just a random attempt to break into a home. That said, he was candid in that he didn’t think it was a wise idea.

“I wondered,” Grice said, when asked if he thought the suspects knew who they were dealing with. “I don’t know. If they knew anything about him, they’d certainly be dumbasses to do it.

“This concerns us greatly, this type of situation and we have increased patrols up there,” Grice said. “He has also taken some measures, which are not for public consumption. We are not going to talk about the other measures he has taken but he is certainly concerned and we are concerned, also.”

Grice said he has a detective working the case and evidence taken from the scene has been sent to the North Carolina Crime Lab for DNA analysis. However, he was not sure how long it would take to get those results back. Other than to say it was an article of clothing, Grice did not further elaborate on any evidence recovered from the scene. Grice added there is no more special emphasis placed on this case than other home invasion/robbery attempts but it is actively being investigated.

“I don’t treat anybody any better or any worse than anyone else because of their notoriety but we are certainly concerned, as you said, because of the fact they were armed. This is not a typical break-in. I don’t know if it was an amateurish attempt to get into the house or if there is any cause for future concern, or not, but we are certainly upping out game up through there and he is going to be developing some new measures, also.

“We all have the expectation at night and the North Carolina Castle Doctrine guarantees this right,” Grice said. “That is the right that everybody has and I am glad we live in America and everybody has that right.”

Other than his initial statement, Childress has not said anything about the matter; however, he has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the capture and prosecution of the individuals involved. Grice said anyone with information is encouraged to call the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department at (336) 242-2105.

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