Kurt Busch and Monster Energy leave fans wondering about his future

By Jerry Jordan, Editor

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – In what some are saying is a genius marketing ploy by Monster Energy and Kurt Busch, a nine-minute and 17-second sizzle video posted to YouTube has fans worried if the 2004 NASCAR Cup Series Champion and 2017 Daytona 500 winner is hanging up his helmet.

The video starts off with the Chip Ganassi Racing driver sitting at a bar in Marathon, Fla. ordering a “Monster on the rocks” as Michael Waltrip announces “Breaking News: Sources Say Kurt Busch May Retire After 2021 Season” on the television behind him.

“Guys, this is crazy, Kurt Busch is gonna retire? I mean, we knew the day would come eventually Kurt would retire but I can’t believe it’s right now,” Waltrip exclaims. “He’s at the top of his game. Look at last season, he ended a 46-race losing streak and made it all the way to Final 8 as an underdog. I might ad, he was just one race shy of racing for a championship. Just think about his last two wins – Kentucky (Speedway) edging out his brother and then, of course, that dramatic win at Las Vegas, his home track, how cool was that? I’m shocked by the announcement but I can guarantee you one thing, I know Kurt really well, and whatever he decides to do, he will be all-in.”

As Waltrip is blabbing away on the TV, a keen listener can hear Busch saying, “For real? They’re announcing this?” And as he walks out of the bar Busch can be heard replying to Waltrip, “Fake news, again.”

But as the video continues it begins to make one wonder if Busch is flying off into the sunset at the end of the season.

The next scene has Busch answering a Facetime call from Rob Gronkowski pleading with the driver not to retire, “I just saw the news and I wanna let you know, don’t do it, buddy. Don’t retire. Take it from me, you’re on top of your game.”

Busch reassures Gronk that he has nothing to worry about and alludes to the Super Bowl star taking a year off from the sport.

“I got this under control,” Busch replies.

Then he walks out of the bar and a monologue begins, “I’m Kurt Busch and I’m a racecar driver. I love what I do because it feels like I’ve never worked a day in my life.”

We reached out to Busch for comment and are awaiting word back.

To see the video and make up your own minds about the future of Kurt Busch behind the wheel of a racecar, click here.



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