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Bell content with fourth, despite power steering issues

Photo by NKPPhoto

By Caleb Whisler, Staff Writer

Despite a day full of struggles, Christopher Bell was able to salvage a fourth-place finish at Dover International Speedway.

The day for Bell started on Saturday morning as the team was unable to complete a lap in qualifying due to issues in pre-qualifying inspection. As a result, Bell had to start the race at the rear of the field, but once the race went green, the rookie driver began his march to the front of the field.

As the race progressed, Bell was beginning to lose power steering. Luckily, Bell had enough speed to carry him through until the end of the race.

“Yeah, it’s really tough, man. We had a lot of speed, so I was able to hang on, but it’s not much fun whenever you’re out there. You just can’t attack,” Bell stated.

Despite the power steering issues, Bell saw the race a test of mental toughness, which is something he has placed priority on.

“You’ve got to have days like this to test your mental toughness and that’s something that I’ve been preached and preached about and it’s something that I try and make a priority in my racing career is being strong – being mentally strong – and today definitely was a test for that and all of our team,” Bell said.

With the effort the team put in, Bell was content with a fourth place finish.

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