Lackluster First Night but a Learning Experience for Ryder Wells during Sooner 600 Week

By Jerry Jordan, Editor

CANEY, Kan. – Despite weeks of preparation for Sooner 600 Week, the racing action at Caney Valley Speedway didn’t go as planned for Lumberton’s Ryder Wells, as he could seem to get the needed RPMs out of his engine to turn a solid lap. Still, it was a solid learning experience on the first night and gives a foundation to build on for the rest of the week.

“We tried to figure out the track but we just missed the setup,” said Ryder Wells. “The good thing is we learned from it. The whole goal was to come up here and compete against some of the best racers in micro sprints. We are doing that and we will take what we learn this week and make our car faster wherever we are racing.

“I appreciate everyone’s support and I want to thank our sponsors, Preferred Contractors, Kickin’ the Tires, Universal Coin & Bullion and The Brooks Report.

Having never raced at Caney Valley Speedway before, Wells and his dad/crew chief, Zach, didn’t know exactly what type of setup they would need for the sticky clay track. Most of the tracks where the Ryder Wells Racing team has raced at have been composed of a sand/clay mix. The dark brown clay in the Oklahoma region is much different than the sandy red clay at most racetracks in Southeast Texas.

Throughout his hot laps and into the heat race, Wells’ No. 24 micro sprint appeared to be “stuck” to the track as if it were getting too much grip. That obviously slowed him down so setup adjustments were needed. For the B-Main, they changed the gearing and went up on air pressure but according to Zach, they may have gone too far in trying to find the sweet spot to gain speed.

“Yeah, we think we just went too extreme on the last change,” Zach said. “The engine should turn 14,000-plus RPMS and we’re getting about 10,800. We will adjust and be ready tonight for the race at Creek County Speedway.”

The action at Creek County Speedway in Sapulpa, Oklahoma will be featured live on Fast 4 Media.


Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-  
1 1 25S   Justis Sokol Peyton, CO  
2 8 33   Jett Nunley Marlow, OK 6  
3 9 2B   Garrett Benson Concordia, MO 6  
4 6 10T   Talin Turner Basehor, KS 2  
5 10 26   Corbin Rueschenberg Mesa, AZ 5  
6 2 35   Gaige Weldon Alton, IA -4  
7 3 55J   Jayden Huppert Glendale, AZ -4  
8 17 10S   Scout Spraggins Indiahoma, OK 9  
9 7 9   Abigayle Lett Odessa, MO -2  
10 11 11   Kaley Mahaffey Tulsa, OK 1  
11 16 15V   Cole Vanderheiden Papillion, NE 5  
12 13 13   Elijah Gile Pheonix, AZ 1  
13 15 74   Natalie Doney Odessa, MO 2  
14 14 11D   Dominic White Plainview, NE  
15 19 21   Keegan Osantowski Columbus, NE 4  
16 20 38K   Jackson Kounkel Sioux City, IA 4  
17 18 23J   Jace Wren Caney, KS 1  
18 12 71   Jaxton Wiggs Benton, IL -6  
19 5 66   Jayden Clay Newcastle, OK -14  
20 4 13C   William Conner Newcastle, OK -16  



Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-  
1 1 74   Natalie Doney Odessa, MO  
2 3 10S   Scout Spraggins Indiahoma, OK 1  
3 4 21   Keegan Osantowski Columbus, NE 1  
Top 3 transfer  
4 5 14G   Madelyn Gjerness Lake Stevens, WA 1  
5 2 88   Billy Lieb Hammond, IL -3  
6 6 GH7   Garyn Howard Newcastle, OK  
7 8 5L   Landon Jesina Omaha, NE 1  
8 9 5B   Cade Bierman Sapulpa, OK 1  
9 7 63   Jack Thomas Bates City, MO -2  



Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-  
1 2 15V   Cole Vanderheiden Papillion, NE 1  
2 1 23J   Jace Wren Caney, KS -1  
3 4 38K   Jackson Kounkel Sioux City, IA 1  
Top 3 transfer  
4 3 36   Meelah Watson Grand Forks, ND -1  
5 6 38   Riley Osantowski Columbus, NE 1  
6 8 24   Ryder Wells Lumberton, TX 2  
7 5 5G   Landon Graham Coffeyville, KS -2  
8 7 24C   Cale Lagroon Salina, KS -1  


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