Chopped: NASCAR Edition with Brennan Poole and Lindsey Giannini

Photo Courtesy of: Brennan Poole

By: Sarah Handy, Staff Writer

Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, the world has seen different ways NASCAR drivers and their families have spent time, from iRacing to at home exercise…to their own Chopped episodes.

Yes, you heard that right.

NASCAR Cup Series driver Brennan Poole and his girlfriend Lindsey Giannini have been hosting their own episodes of the hit show which airs on the Food Network.

The Show 

Currently there are a number of episodes, all of which can be seen in full on Poole’s official Instagram account (brennancpoole). 

Both stated they have been fans of the show even before their Instagram idea came about.

“Who doesn’t love chopped! It always pulls you right in and you can’t stop watching. Cooking shows are very relaxing for us. Some of our favorites are Chopped Juniors and Kids Baking Challenge. The stakes are lower, and the kids are nice to each other and help!”

If you are unfamiliar with the basis of the show, four chefs use their culinary skills to face off against one another to prepare a three-course meal consisting of an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

But there is a catch. In each round, the chefs have to use all the ingredients the show provides to them. Some of the ingredients can be quite random such as canned potatoes.

At the completion of each course, there is a panel of three guest judges and they “Chop” one chef who fails to measure up to what they are looking for. Taste, presentation, and creativity are all part of the judging process.

The Idea 

Kickin’ the Tires asked them both how they thought up the idea to host their own version of the show.

“We really like watching the show and having extra time in quarantine we thought it would be fun to try and cook things with a random ingredient our friends and fans chose,” said Poole. “It definitely generated things we wouldn’t normally eat, and things Lindsey wouldn’t normally cook.”

Most Challenging Dish 

If you have made it this far, you know I previously mentioned canned potatoes. That is because potatoes was a secret ingredient that was voted on through a poll that Poole posted to his Instagram story.

Yes, potatoes. That ladies and gentlemen was Giannini’s most challenging episode.

“The potato challenge became very hard, very quickly when I decided to shoot high for gnocchi’s, which I’ve never made before and have only seen a couple videos about them,” said Giannini.

“I had to re watch the episode to see what I did because I honestly blacked out during the challenge. And then I looked down and had made some pretty delicious gnocchi’s! I miss a lot of what’s happening because I’m so dialed into getting the dish right and done. I love to go back and watch Brennan’s commentary because it’s so funny and, in the moment, I don’t catch all the giggles.”

Brennan’s Favorite Dish 

After a number of episodes, Lindsey is still standing tall and hasn’t been chopped, so to speak.

That brings about the question, what’s Brennan’s favorite dish so far? 

“Definitely the Strawberry Tacos she made. I was real skeptical when she started to go that route,” said Poole. “I honestly think it was one of the best things ever made in our kitchen.”

Will the Season Continue?

That will depend, because the NASCAR Cup Series will resume on track competition at Darlington Raceway this Sunday. That event will be followed by a second race at the track ‘Too Tough to Tame’ on Wednesday and two races from Charlotte Motor Speedway, the Coca-Cola 600 the day before Memorial Day and another race that Wednesday as well.

“It just depends on how much time we actually have once we start racing again,” said Poole. “I think we both would love to do it when we can, but since Lindsey does the cooking, I do all the cleaning and trust me, it takes a long time! Stay tuned!”

(Photo By: Sarah Handy / Kickin’ the Tires)

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